Veloce Out, Athena crank arm ...IN

Hard to tell by looking at it, but there was a problem.
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Well, it looks like my problem Veloce left crank arm has 'turned' in a positive way.

A few weeks ago, I started to notice a strange click on the downstroke. I should say... feel. After my ride I would check my left crank arm and notice some play. I thought, boy there's something wrong here there should not be any play whatsoever. I contacted Kevin, owner of La Bicicletta Pro Shop and he directed me to see Rob the head mechanic.

I know Kevin, he is also owner of Raiment Cycling Clothing and selling Red Dots cycling winter caps. I made an appointment and brought in my Marinoni to friendly Rob to have a look. He was puzzled, like me, as to why the crankarm was so loose. He said that he never seen this before. I haven't either. My old Campy Nuovo Record crankset never had any problems or, for that matter, any of my other cranksets I've ever owned.

My closest to Campy's 11 Speed Family...
My new Athena 11 crank arm.
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I do not call myself a mechanic, far from it. But when it comes to removing a Campagnolo crankset now that requires special tools. So off for my first visit. Rob re-tightened the crank arm and suggested that I monitor it. I go for a ride and the same thing. On my second visit, it's so loose Rob was amazed it didn't fall off. So, he took the crankset apart, cleaned it and put a bead of lock-tite. Off for another ride and I return with the, you guessed it, the same problem. This time there is slight play. Again, back to see Rob and he removes the offending crank arm and offers me it as a 'doorstop'. I have seen one online used as a brilliant door handle. Perhaps there's life for it after all.

Not much I can do but go for a new crank arm. Rob said that when I pedal, I'm putting undo stress on it. I smartly stop. I leave my bike overnight and return the next day to see a brand new Athena 11 speed crank arm. That's what is available and who was I to argue, this is my closest to the Campy 11 speed family.

It's one of those freaky things that I'll probably never find the reason why the Veloce crank arm faltered. I have already put in a ride, and the Veloce agrees with the new addition. And, I must thank Rob and Kevin because it is solid ...damn solid.

What's next?
doorstop, door handle or paper weight?
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Johnny said…
Is that a hollow tech, bb40 or square tapered crankset that you have? I have seen hollow tech cranksets break in half because they are just not sturdy enough. That's why all my bikes have forged cranksets and square tapered bottom brackets. I don't notice the weight or loss of speed.
Richard said…
Not entirely sure, It's a 2011 Veloce groupset the power torque crankset with the integrated axle on the driverside.