Marinoni Happy Blues

photo: CyclingArt

If you have been following my blog, you all know.... I love my Marinoni!

Like all restoration projects, time is not so important but finding the right bike shop, color combination and all the detailed questions has to be answered. Adding more love to my Marinoni that I already have a kinship to. Some folks have told me to keep my 1987 Marinoni as a museum piece... just to admire - but get myself a newer bike to ride. I decided, the best idea was to give my Marinoni a new life/re-birth.

My color combination was a task in itself because I have never seen it before. Carolle even helped by colorizing an image on Photoshop to help me determine the right color. It was fun, time consuming and part of the process. I don't know how many images of old trade team bikes I looked endlessly for inspiration.

Imagine my surprise when I was sent this image of a newer Marinoni in Steveston. Except for the sloping top tube and blue fork... both Marinoni's share the same color scheme and script.

Is it coincidence or this owner was inspired by my 2011 Marinoni restoration?  Either way, it's flattering!