Screaming Venga! Venga! From Red Dots Cycling

Venga! Venga!
photo: Red Dots Cycling

Venga! Venga!

That's the Spanish cry for... Come on! Come on! Now put this delightful phrase in context, like in the Vuelta or Tour, you will instantly recognize the fervent crazed Basque fans sporting Euskatel orange jerseys screaming encouragement to the riders.

The Basque Country in the rugged Pyrenees Mountains of northern Spain has endured autonomy for nearly eight centuries. Equally unspoken, strong-willed and with stubborn pride are the Basque cycling fans who love their cycling heroes.

All images Rein van de wouw.

Today, I'm introducing the new Venga! Venga! Cycling Cap by Red Dots Cycling inspired from the devoted Basque cycling fans. A good looking 3-season cap made of wool/polyester, brown/black plaid with a brown stripe... oh and add in a flash of orange.

It's infectious for me. I'm a cycling fan too. So it makes sense to say out loud, Venga! Venga!

The fantastic images are from Rein van de Wouw.