The Spin: Support Our Embroidery Cycling Cap Campaign

Here's our newest cycling cap called, Venga! Venga! 
Wouldn't this cap look even better with embroidery?
photo: Red Dots Cycling

We started our indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with the goal to raise enough funds for a embroidery sewing machine to offer our clients embroidery logo cycling caps and recycled inner tube pouches/wallets. People are asking us for embroidery cycling caps and since discovering crowdfunding, we thought it could be a way to help us achieve our goal. Now, it could not have come sooner... our Singer sewing machine has stopped working and we are awaiting word from our sewing machine repair shop IF it can be repaired.

Thanks to our friend we are able to keep the production going on her borrowed sewing machine. According to Carolle, the borrowed machine is like doing the Tour de France on a mountain bike. You might finish... but it will be a long hard journey.

We are in production of new cycling caps, and the Venga! Venga! is our newest made of a lite wool blend. It would sure look even better with an embroidery logo.

Visit our indiegogo page now, watch the teaser and Donate to our independent cycling cap business!

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