Review: Duro Primera 25mm Tires

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I promised myself that I would finally replace my worn out tires at the start of this riding season.

My tires were due for a change - complete with those pesky small nicks that turn into larger nicks. I'm trying to avoid that.

Maximum tire size for my Khamsins...
The clearance is good!

Perhaps it's by fate, I discovered Veloguys on Twitter.

Last Saturday, I got myself into contact with Darcy & Bjoern of Veloguys. With their faithful companion, Riot the Border Collie they have a cozy service bike shop in Vancouver. What I found was their online shop selling good cycling components & accessories with excellent sale prices... especially on tires. My search ended.

Printing error,
These are not 23C but 25C!

Call it perfect timing as the friendly Veloguys had a pair of new Duro Primera 25C tires on hand for me. What are Duros? They are a Taiwan based tire company started in 1945 making quite a range from car to bike tires.

The wider tire did not disappoint on my unpredictable Sunday ride to Ft. Langley. The Duro Primera's are a solid training tire, designed with long tread life, with good numbers too - TPI: 120 and only 205G. It has a good outside tread with a solid center and I look forward to testing them. The Pros are already using 25C tires with direct benefits.

Rain beckons!
Good test on the uneven Pattullo Bridge...

Last Sunday's Frfuggitivi ride test...

The Primera's handled the rough sidewalk of the Pattullo Bridge and the uneven industrial roads without a stammer. It held it's course. The new Primera's were grippy and yes, I noticed the advantage of the wider tires. That is, tire adhesion - I felt more stable on the road and more confident. May be it's my pre-conceived notion of thinner tires equaling a light tire, I threw that out the window. I ran my Duro Primeras at 85psi (front) & 95psi (rear) from the Twitter advice from an Australian cyclist that swears on his new 25's over his 23's. One thing, before you decide to try 25's check to see that your rims will fit them. I made sure to check and found out that my Campy Khamsins do take a maximum 25's.

Feeling confident!
Embracing the 25C world.

Did I mention unpredictable? It rained and poured at times and the Primera's rode confidently on the wet roads. I was more than soggy but the tough grippy Primera's rode on and on in the rain. I'm more than happy to have them and I have discovered the new sweet spot on 25mm tires. Easy to embrace these performance tires. The Duro Primera's are not for racing but are study solid training tires - goodbye 23's ...hello 25's!

Huge Thanks to the Veloguys!
Raining and I'm actually smiling...
nice and grippy with the wide Primeras!