My Birthday 80kms Ride & Testing the Hilversum Jersey by Road Holland

Thanks Guy!
Particularly refreshing following my 
80kms birthday ride: Estrella Daura beer & Peloton.
photo Cyclingart

Sunday was my birthday and to honor the special day, our Frfuggitivi squad rode to picturesque Ft. Langley.

Ft. Langley is one of my favorite rides for the bike friendly roads and scenic vistas. It's relatively flat except for the short steep climb up Armstrong Rd. Whoever coined the phrase, No pain, no gain is absolutely right.

A very good milestone for me; longest ride of this season (80kms) that pushes my mileage to a high of 477kms for the month of July. My goal is 500 before the end of the month -  it's getting close and I'm confident of reaching it.

All photos courtesy Guy

Guy and I had on the new Hilversum Jersey from our friends at Road Holland. The day started unusually cool but as the morning pushed on it turned hot. I'm struck at the jersey color, Nantucket Red that looks more like salmon - I like it. Jonathan and Richard mailed it out to Guy and yesterday the jersey was waiting for me. I put on the XS and it was clear Road Holland shortened the length and made it race snug - important features that should be applauded. I loaded the ample rear 3-pockets with my Piccolo pouch, tools, pump, my huge crazy key collection and banana/cookies ...and no sagging problems. High points scored.

The temperatures started to rise and huge points are given to the Hilversum for keeping me cool. The jersey is made from a special polyester that wicks and doesn't leave you feeling at all sweaty. A good thing when you make the cafe stop. The squad gave me compliments on the look and color - more points here. It's not always that a cycling jersey looks as good as it functions - in the case of the clever Hilversum... it is now my go to summer cycling jersey!

Thanks to Road Holland for the amazing Hilversum!

At the top of the steep Armstrong hill with John.

Guy and I going up South Fraser Perimeter Road
courtesy John Lee