Painful - my horse fly bites have bothered me so much I've gone out to pick up hydrocortisone cream for the inflammation and itching. That ride up Mount Seymour was more than just painful - it was extremely painful! Whilst I'm starting to feel relief, although too slow for my lack of patience, I'm looking forward toward a pain free sleep tonite.

French hope... gone!

Painful was also the metaphor for the brave Jean Christophe Peraud's day. The AG2R rider went on a recon ride of the TT course and fell with a small fracture to his right collarbone. After stage 16, he was the highest placed French rider at 9th spot and looked good at a top-10 finish. He decided to ride stage 17 and crashed on his right shoulder... if you watched the crash it's sure to make anyone wince. Sad ending to his Tour...

"It was is not the fracture that crippled me going around the turn. I did not feel like taking risks, I went down doing what I could do, but I was surprised myself by this turn where I crashed. This is part of the sport. I am in good health and it's only a broken collarbone. It will be a relief to get home, and then we will aim for another objective when my body recovers.”

Warning: this will make you wince!

Some of the stars of stage 17.


Jim said…
Wince is right! Ow!
Richard said…
Hi Jim,

Hard to watch it.