TØRM T5 Jersey: First Look

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I don't win many contests I enter, zero in fact... until now.

Last month I rode into the lucky circle and won the TØRM cycling jersey contest from Tony of the outdoor times. TØRM... never heard of it? For us over here, they are relatively unknown. I discovered  their contest on Facebook.

TØRM is a small UK company based in Kent run by Paul and Al that makes high quality classic cycle jerseys. Don't let the small company moniker turn you off because the quality is very high. I chose the T5 long sleeve jersey, grey and white, size Small. I like my jerseys race cut and snug and the small fits perfectly and not too tight. What caught my eye was how well-made the jersey is. Made from Sportwool; superfine merino wool and polyester it is light weight and has a slight stretch (side panels) and very comfy. The cut is anatomical has the proper drop in the back with reflective strips, 3 open pockets and 2 smaller zippered all-weather pockets - plenty of room to hold my piccolo pouch, mini pump and keys nicely. I actually threw in a my bulky iPod headphone case just to see if it does fit- no problems!

The true test is on the bike - where it functions so well. I loaded my pockets (ok no banana but it had room for it). Happily, no sagging rear pockets. I must say what is impressive is the tapered cuffs so not to interfere when you bend your hands... nicely done. But, the supreme test will be putting this jersey through Fall/Winter riding.

Like all well-taliored clothing I'm writing this post comfortably wearing it. On or off the bike it's perfect.

The T5 is now one of my favorite jerseys - from the small UK company called TØRM... a name that we will be hearing more of.

Thanks again to Paul and Al of TØRM and to Tony of the outdoor times!



Thanks Paul for the signed card!