Friday File: Headbands vs Cycling Caps, Giro d'Vino, Chapeau Fuente & Campy Nuovo Record


Above is a tweet sent from my friends at Road Holland. 

My earliest recollection is receiving one from frame builder, Giovanni Pinarello as a gift. I brought it back to Canada and just couldn't get use to it on. Many pros adopted it but, in a way, it never looked right. I thought it looked more normal on runners and tennis players (ie. Borg & McEnroe). 

I quickly embraced and wore out the Metauromobili Pinarello cycling cap I was given. It made more sense, to me, to wear a cycling cap. It was so much more practical. 

The fact is, the headband was uncomfortable to wear and the cycling cap is a natural fit - perfectly perched on to protect a riders' head from the elements.

Definitely a no-brainer...

These days, the cycling cap has no real competition! 

1982 Tour,
One rider with headband in a sea of cycling caps.

Alvaro Pino.

Lucien Van Impe with THE Metauromobili 
Pinarello headband.

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Two miniature cyclist(s) that I like...

via Musette Caffe, Chinatown, Vancouver
photo Cyclingart

Le cycliste, 1979
Etienne Bossut

Cycling Nirvana...

Somewhere ... up there!

Today, nutrition is a major contributing factor to cycling success. Without it, a pro would never be at the top. Here's two images of times gone by and, interestingly, when nutrition was slack.

Gastone Nencini, 1960 Tour and 1957 Giro champion, pauses and fills his 'water bottle'...

Cin Cin!
The 2014 Giro d'ltalia will visit Piedmont's 
wine-producing region, Barbaresco to Barolo on May 22.
via Giro d'Italia 

photo Cor Vos

Manuel Fuente was one of the finest climbers ever. He shone in the Giro as KoM's in: 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974). And, he also was KoM's in the 1972 Vuelta a Espana. One thing that always impressed me was how he wore his cycling cap - sitting high and teetering as if it will fall... pure class!

I have been pondering this for a long time...

All Campy NR except for the Shimano bottom bracket.
photo Cyclingart

A few of my 1987 Nuovo Record parts, original owner by the way, will soon go on sale. I have a 27.2mm seat post, which I'm currently using, and as soon as I find a suitable replacement...will also be on sale. These Campy parts are perfect for that period specific steel bike project. It's always a challenge to sell online without actually seeing the parts. For now... I have passed the word to local collectors that my parts are looking for a good home.

Check back for more Campy updates.

It's never too 'young' to start riding a bike...

via scratch labs