Barry's Marinoni Project

My eye-catching Marinoni
courtesy by Simone Marinoni, 2011!
photo Cyclingart

I have been in contact with my old riding colleague, Barry about his very exciting Marinoni re-paint project.

We already talked about decals, old school script and paint schemes... those very important deciding factors. He is set to have his Marinoni steel frame ready to ship today back to Marinoni in Terrebonne, Québec to have a re-paint.

Unfortunately, Marinoni could not duplicate my world champion stripes I originally had on my head badge and seat tube. Barry also has the same world champion stripes on the seat tube. Alas, I reassure him Simone will do a fine job.

When painting is a concern, Simone Marinoni is the virtuoso of paint. She paints and decals all the frames ... she did a great number on mine! (See above image) Here's some background information on her.

And, Barry has a 'hot line' to Marinoni - he's been told to contact Simone for further information once his frame arrives. I'm thinking that I'll be out of the equation for advice - that's ok, but I am looking forward to seeing Barry's new eye-catching Marinoni. I hope to post the photos when the day comes.

Cycles Marinoni