Friday File: Urushi Bicycle Project, Sprinting Icon, Baa Baa - Black Sheep Winter Cap, Jens Will Be Back & Ride On - Musette Caffe

Bike design is constantly changing and very present in this video, The Urushi bicycle project.

It may have missed the seat tube, through some incredible workmanship this absolute eclectic design from Vanhulsteijn bicycles has captured the attention of Sothebys.

Making his mark...
Stage 16, 2001 Tour.

The endearing Jens Voigt will continue on for his last season. He'll be 42, the oldest in the peloton. Go Jens and glad you are back for one more year!

A Jens Voigt post is not complete without a famous quote:

'In the hierarchy of the family, I'm just above the dog. But I like it that way.'

Sprinting green jersey icon

There was only one...

Forged from the old Soviet sports programme, Djamolidine Abdoujaparov rose to become a huge talented sprinter. He was points winner in all Grand Tours but showed his Trashkent Terror on the roads in France... winning 3 green jerseys.

Carolle ordering the delicious coffee at Musette Caffe
Chinatown, Vancouver
photo Cycling Art

Cycling coffee culture is alive and well with Musette Caffe in Vancouver. We are very proud to have our Red Dots Cycling products and my Cyclingart available at their Burrard Street shop. Christmas is around the corner, if you are around - drop on over for a awesome coffee... and buy!

Have you read the latest? Enjoy the article.

My favorite ...
is the Cortado.
photo Cycling art

Baa Baa ...

Turing into a Classic!
photo Red Dots Cycling

We're already made our second batch of the wildly popular Black Sheep 100% Italian wool 
winter cap! 

Today's cycling nirvana...

Campagnolo Experience!
via Campagnolo SRL