Holidazing Preview: Charly Wegelius Domestique

Today I received Charly Wegelius' Domestique-The True Life Ups and Downs of a Tour Pro, from the library. And, I plan to hunker down (holidazing I call it) relax and enjoy the exploits (good & bad) of a former top domestique now on the managerial staff of the Garmin Sharp team. I'll share with you what is on the back flap, enough reason to feel the lure of this cycling book!

"My name is Charly Wegelius.

I was a world-class professional cyclist but never won a single race. I represented GB but was thrown out for breaking the rules and called a traitor when I put my profession first. I almost lost everything when I was branded a cheat. I knew how to ride through pain so strong it's like holding your hand in a flame, and the joy of bringing victory for your team. But somewhere along the way, across 14 Grand Tours, I got lost and there was more to hate than love about cycling. Forget the glamour, welcome to the shitty, true life ups and downs of a tour cyclist..."