Identifying Mojo & The Ten Day Cycle

Fall-ing into Winter riding.
photo Cyclingart

I'm finding my cycling mojo.

Busy times are here with Christmas staring at us fully clenched. And, I'm finding my Fall riding occurs every 10 days or so. My restlessness starts with untrained muscles screaming at me to get back on the bike and the chasm of days between rides. One of the positive aspects of working from home is that, as long as I get the work done, I will steal away for a ride. When that fateful moment happens, I call this my lone break.

My mileage has gone way down. I don't mind admitting it, total for November was a dismal 188 kms. To be fair, as work increases along with the inclement weather has conspired to thwart me of the simple pleasure of cycling. So it is the season. 

Unable to continue this downward spiral I got on my trusty Marinoni and went out to re-discover how the simple act of cycling can be so naturally beautiful. Muscles are sore, more so from lack of activity but the body gets back to the familiar rhythm - it remembers.

The early December weather is very cold along with dry road conditions my favorite conditions to bundle up to ride. I tick off the kilometers, admiring familiar roads and enjoying it. Solo rides are good for contemplation and to add in that West 4th Avenue hill climb. It's not L'Alpe D'Huez but it might as well be. Scaling the hill is somewhat of a challenge but I find my sweet spot and settle in. My heavy breathing lets me know when to knock off the gas. As I reached the top and the road finally levels, I reward myself with some water.

Ten days are a long time between rides, but I'm more than happy to have quality before quantity.