Friday File: Team Sky a la Francaise, 29 Years Too Long, New Velodrome & Importance of Coffee

Cycling teams are created with the personnel with one goal... to win. Technology plays an important role in the winning ethos. After watching this FDJ video, I can't help but feel the top French team will be highly successful this season.

A positive for French cycling...
the new Velodrome at Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines near Paris,

... and after!

Gallic vs Britons

The French Cycling Federation are planning to turn their cycling mis-fortunes around and are busy building their own version of the highly successful Team Sky (2012-13 Tour winners). French cycling is ambitious opening the state-of-the-art velodrome in the outer suburbs of Paris. The goal is this velodrome will become a centre of excellence to compare with Manchester. Winning like the Brits' cycling model is the new game the French are playing to win. France has lacked a world-class indoor velodrome since Paris's Velodrome d'Hiver (demolished after a fire in 1959).

back in the day.

The velodrome's launch was symbolic - Great Britain track riders were invited to help open the venue the French hope will bring them a golden future.

Here, we will be able to move forwards. At first glance, we'll get two or three kilometres per hour extra in every sprint. It's a big step forward when it comes to catching the British, but we don't want to just catch them, we have to overtake them!

- Francois Pervis, world record holder at the kilometre and flying 200m.

It's hard to believe, a mind-boggling twenty-nine years since a Frenchman (aka the badger) was on the top podium in the Tour. I feel that French cycling doldrums will change. It may take time. If you can't beat them... it's never too late to join them!

Vive le French Cycling!

Honoring La Belle France...

photo Red Dots Cycling

A victorious American in France...

Greg LeMond chats with Urs Zimmerman (3rd overall). It must be
funny Steve Bauer chuckles, 1986 Tour.

Cycling Nirvana: The importance of good coffee before a ride...

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