FRFuggitivi: MoreMilesMoreBeer

This weekend was made for the Badger.

The inclement snowy weather put a temporary stopper on my weekend riding but not on our FRFuggitivi AGM. It was extremely cold outside but warm inside the cozy confines of FRF - Spudshack headquarters. Our team gathered and we discussed our upcoming season while enjoying the added comfort of beers and frites. 

Red Dots Cycling's new team cap impressed and was an instant hit. I'm very happy the team is warmly embracing the Italian theme cycling cap design. An embroidered 'FRFuggitivi' - best describes us. It is the Italian expression for breakaway riders or the perfect metaphor for escaping one's other commitments to go for a ride. I think we all share that. Full production will begin this week with the goal to have them ready for our first ride of the season in early March. 

Our dapper FRFuggitivi team cap.
photo Cycling Art

And, John brought each of us a new top tube sticker, our new mantra...

photo Cycling Art

To our new season of riding... cue in MoreMilesMoreBeer!