Red Dots Cycling Caps: Stylish Plaid Are Here!

Londoner Cycling Cap
photos Red Dots Cycling

Red Dots Cycling proudly introduces two new stylish cycling caps with a mix of sporty and classic. The Audax and Londoner.

All plaid is the theme here, whether galavanting around town or on your bike, we'd encourage you to do both. We used plaid fabrics, in the past, but we believe these two are the boldest yet. All of our caps are handmade; designed to look great, comfortable or just to hangout in. In fact, Saam from New York City uses the Black Sheep Winter Cap for...

Thanks Saam!

As soon as we finish a new cycling cap, I'll be the one to try them on and road test them. The Audax and Londoner are both striking plaids, made from cotton with 3% spandex for a comfort fit. I can't wait to try these two on for a road test. The Audax is the sportier of the two with a unique two full black/red ribbon detail to the brim. The ribbon is a new bold design, consisting of two ribbons sewn together. Check out these two new stylish caps: the Londoner and Audax ... plaid is back!

Audax Cycling Cap
photo Red Dots Cycling