Series 'B' Cycling Art Cards- Ready!

Just printed - Series 'B' is on the table.
photo Cycling Art

With the help from Carolle, I'm finished to print Series 'B' of my cycling art cards. That's 8 more cards destined to Musette Caffe. Series 'A' is now available at the Burrard Street dry goods shop. I'm very excited to offer this new series. In fact, the final 8 cards called, Series 'C' is due out soon. 

That will be a total of 24 cycling art cards printed, by us, on 100% archival cotton paper using our Epson ink jet printer. I'm very proud that these beautiful 5X7" cards are framable using special fade resistant inks for longevity. My inspiration comes from the richness of cycling history and I include a brief description on the back of each card. Every art card is protected with an acid-free envelope and archival sleeve. 

For cycling enthusiasts outside of Vancouver, my upcoming new online shop will soon open including all 24 cycling art cards (and more) for purchase. Stay tune.

Revisiting my art is a catharsis for me, I'm itching to get back to creating more. In fact, I'm happy to announce that I'm back to working on a brand new series.