Nairo Quintana: Return Of The Escarabajos & Ryder Hesjedal's Rise Back To The Top

Nairo Quintana is amazing - a true elite climber as he won the dramatic queen stage. What a race. But who is he? Last year was his Tour debut resulting in a brilliant second overall with more promise to come. Klaus of the excellent Colombian cycling blog, cyclinginquisition knows very well who Nairo Quintana is. I suggest you read about him. If his talents are reflected on how he dances effortlessly up the steep climbs then he is the master class. This talented and determined climber also brought out the best in Ryder Hesjedal (second on the stage now 9th overall). Hesjedal has a goal and that is to finish in the top ten. I think he'll do even better. But, today was all about Nairo Quintana - marvelous climber -part of the new generation of escarabajos and this final week, with more massive mountains to come, is his arena to shine.

Quintana's secret weapon - gaffer tape to keep the rain out?

Through the motorbike camera lens.

Iron man Sven Tuft gets warm clothes - he'll go on to finish in 111th, 158th overall.