Playing Against Sagan & Talansky The Pit Bull Refuses To Quit.

Gallant ride today, with my respect to Andrew Talansky finishing last
4 minutes inside the cut-off time.

Tough day for Peter Sagan just being Peter Sagan! No one wanted to help him in the end to the rampaging finish to Oyonnax. Just behind winner Tony Gallopin (Chapeau by the way) holding off a chasing peloton, his was a superb day. But, Peter Sagan was to be denied once again of stage victory. Kwiatkowski and Rogers stopped working just because he was in the leading group. But, damn it was so close -  what must he do? 

Sounding resign to his fate Sagan said, "I think I did well today to be in the move and up front but it's a very difficult situation for me to be with the other riders. All I can do is keep trying."