Falling For Burnaby Mountain

photo Cycling Art

My Sunday ride started innocently enough. Decked in my fall kit I included my detachable fenders for the real test. I have 'upgraded' them with my new DIY mud flaps I launched myself into the cool morning mist. I was amazed how much the streets were full of leaves and other debris, even the gutters were clogged. No wonder parts of the lower mainland flooded. Negotiating on wet roads made more hazardous with slippery leaves is not fun. A change of pace slowing down to admire the change of colors is fun. Fall is my favorite cycling season. Time to bundle up with a rain cap, wool jersey and wool cap. And this morning was fairly dark - on go the lights. 

Twice I had to stop to clean out dead leaves from my bottom cable guides, fenders and my spokes. That's good news. They both work like a charm, collecting a good amount of leaves and grime for me to scrape off. The front flap measures 14.5 cm minimizing the road spray off my surprisingly dry oversocks. I think the supreme test is to have someone ride behind me to test the spray. I'm positive it will work equally well as the front. Riding up Burnaby Mountain is something special especially in the cold mist. A good way, for me, to collect my thoughts enjoy the scenery with only my heavy breathing breaking the stillness. As I reach the dark summit, the rain miraculously stops good time to don off the gloves to really feel the brake hoods. I'm running on year old plus tyres and there's a certain level of cycling trust they'll guide me a little longer. I have made an order for the robust Vittoria Rubino Pro all weather tyres and expect them by the end of this week. More testing is on the agenda. To say, that my new mud flaps work is an understatement. As I'm descending down Burnaby Parkway I'm glad to have them. The rain and road debris seems to appear out of nowhere and I can't help but think of my new tyres and content to ride in the fall.