Friday File: Vive Merckx, Steel Is Very Real In Tuscany & Deer Hunting With Bjarne Riis

'Merckx you are the greatest,'
after winning the 1969 Milan-San Remo.
via Offside

It's taken me a little while, but I've finally managed to secure the much anticipated book, 'Half Man, Half Bike... The Life of Eddy Merckx' by William Fotheringham. I have a few of his books, notably, 'Put Me Back On My Bike', 'Roule Britannia', 'Century of Cycling' & 'Fallen Angel.' As the rainy days of fall continue this will be one of my perfect tonics to keep me on an even keel.

1974 Tour.
via Offside.

Watch out for deer hunting with Bjarne Riis...

Carlos Sastre on Bjarne Riis's upcoming team bonding training camp in South Africa: “We hunted a deer down, but to eat that was impossible, it was too tough”.

Thanks to Hans for sending me this...

Steel is very real in beautiful Tuscany. 

Watch as - one pro and amateur - tackle L'Eroica 2014, 135km through beautiful Tuscany. According to the rules/regulation, there is unlimited registration over the age of 60. For all other ages there is limited registration. I'll have to wait a little longer to be part of this exclusive group.