Sylvain Chavanel: Funkengruven

The national champ motoring to victory.
via Bettini

Sylvain Chavanel was doing a number on the roads by winning and ending the Euro road season nailing the Chrono des Nations. Great win for Chava, proving that he's a TT monster, and in a way sad for us cycling fans. We'll have to wait until next season for cycling. Of interesting note is that Chavanel has ended his season and have bought a camper van and is off for holidays. Many years ago, I've enjoyed many holiday adventures with my 1972 VW camper van. I'm sure Chavanel doesn't have a VW camper van but there's something extra special cruising in a VW van. 

"I'm keen to go on holiday with my family before starting up again calmly with 2015 in view. With my newly-purchased camper van, I'm going to discover the countryside and landscape around Mont-Saint-Michel and the beaches of the Normandy landings."

- Sylvain Chavanel.

Funkengruven: The joy of driving, VW style.

photo Red Dots Cycling