Half Empty or Half Full

Red flag!
photo Cycling Art

Imagine to my surprise as I opened, in excited anticipation, my cycling package. I received my online order and looked forward, especially, to my two new all weather Vittoria Rubino Pro Folding tyres. Lifting it out of the first box I noticed the aggressive tread pattern and installed it on my front rim. No concerns - very easy. Then, I pulled out the second tyre and noticed a a major defect on the sidewall (image above). And, I thought if I mounted it on the rim it would right itself. No way. Disappointing to say the least. I'm now making arrangements to send it back for an exchange. Meanwhile, I have since gone out for a ride with the 'good' Rubino on wet hilly roads with plenty of road debris to challenge. Vittoria Rubino Pros are 150 TPI, considered for all conditions, have an almost indestructible Kevlar compound, ideally suited for high mileage in racing and intensive training. I like the very good grip that gives me that crucial bit of confidence while descending on wet roads. I'm more than satisfied. 

Now, riding on one new and old tyre is a half empty half full situation ... I'm looking forward to having my glass full.