Hans' 1982 Colnago with Profiled Columbus Tubes

Well done Hans.
All photos: Cycling Art

The other day I bumped into Hans, on my way back from a ride, and he showed me his newly acquired 1982 Colnago. We seem to bump into each on the same street. We stopped had a chat and Han's was eager to show me his 'new' Colnago.

A stunning Saronni Red 1982 Colnago with a Super Record components. I'm not an expert but I know a thing or two about frames especially ones from Italian frame builders. As Hans showed me the unusual crimp top and down tube I knew this was a distinctive Colnago. Hans is a huge Colnago owner (3 of last count). This frame was purchased from local collector Felix. A few years ago, I visited Felix and his impressive collection of vintage bicycles. Felix's Fantastic Thirty.  Hans mentioned that I only saw about half of Felix's collection.

Sorry for the bad image, the crimped top tube.

"Why the vintage Colnago?" I asked Hans. Well, he and Felix are planning to ride L'Eroica in 2015. And, one of the criteria is to have a vintage steel frame, 1987 and older. This Colnago fits that criteria.

I hurried home to check online what the frame could be. Here's what I found; that it may be the unique Colnago EsaMexico or Profil Super 1982. Crimps in the top and down tube, called profiled Columbus tubes - whichever it is a rare and stunning Colnago to be sure.

Italian detail; Ernesto Colnago pantographed chain ring with painted spiders

Classy chrome stamped fork, finely finished lugs.

The distinct clover leaf cut-out. Note the
3 cable guides.