Friday File: Battaglin Retro vs Modern, Happy Holidays From Louis Garneau

Jorgen Pedersen
photo Jack Claassen

Safe to say, I have yet to ride a modern bike, or enjoy it's modern conveniences - good timing, here's an entertaining comparison of the retro vs modern theme by the guys of GCN. Although, I would never say no to a modern bike, I'm happily embracing my retro 1987 Marinoni Columbus steel bike. I can sincerely say, it has it's own merits of charm (superb lug craftsmanship, chrome folks and ride quality) placing me in a position, I'm happily reluctant, not to step up (quite yet) to a modern bike.

Note: Doesn't the retro test rider closely resemble the Dane, Jorgen Pedersen? In 1986, he wore the yellow jersey (5 days) and was teammate to Stephen Roche on the Carrera team.

As Christmas is around the corner, I'm looking forward to spending festive quality time and also, planning a new look to my blog.