Friday File: Flag Pole Colombian Design Socks by Alps & Andes + Inspiration & Motivation

photo Cycling Art

I know I'm not the epitome of a model but here goes...

I'm certainly glad to show my new flag pole/Colombian flag design socks recently acquired from Alps & Andes. I know it's almost inexcusable not to show the socks at play so I will offer the socks at rest for all to see. A 5" cuff, how I prefer my cycling socks to be and, according to Klaus, supposedly guaranteed to improve your climbing abilities by 6.4%. I know, for a fact, that I will need all the climbing help that I can get. And, these swanky socks may just put me in the right mindset to be a better climber.

via Alps & Andes

The Winter Cap.
photo Red Dots Cycling

Red Dots Cycling proudly has been making the winter and summer caps for Alps & Andes and now you can get yours including a coffee-flavored hard candy made by Colombia's oldest candy manufacturer. I have tried one and they are tasty.

Here's the epitome of two champion athletes, and their 2 & 4 wheel machines, in a well crafted video...

From time to time, I need that extra motivation and inspiration and this fantastic Eddy Merckx video answers that...

Sit back, have a drink and enjoy!