Friday File: Les Casquettes & How to 'win' this Christmas,

Avec casquettes
(r to l): Adrie van Houwelingen (22nd), Phil Anderson (dnf) & Francesco Moser (10th)
1982 Paris-Roubaix.

It's Friday File and gear time... 

The cycling cap is my favorite part of my kit as it accentuates the positive in attire. It let's everyone know that you are a serious cyclist. And, it is the most versatile (and essential) part of a cycling kit - highly functionable in both summer/winter and sunny/inclement weather conditions. And, at the same time, giving you the look of a pro. 

stuffs easy in your back pocket, j
ust whip it out when it's raining.
via Castelli

Christmas is only 13 days away...

Another essential piece of cycling kit is the Ass Saver mud guard. Made of moldable plastic, it sits or wedges securely under your saddle. When you're caught in the rain, it will literally save your ass. #CastelliAss-Savers is having a give away until December 15. Good luck!

100% wool, plaid perfect for Fall/winter riding ...
Urbane Rider cycling cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

The Badger sa casquette, final race 1986.

Bernard Hinault has my respect; a successful rider, his brusque charisma and for quitting at the top of his game. After placing second in the epic 1986 Tour and winning the Coors Classic he decided to cash in his chips (lots by the way) and retire. The French have a saying that best describes Hinault, le sommet de son art, 'the summit of his art'. He rode his last race (above in his hometown) and retired at 32... a champion.