Friday File: Minor Wrenching and Some Off Season 'Relaxing'

photo Cycling Art

Friday File opens with help from a wrench. Not just any one but a 12" adjustable wrench. That's my new one that I plan on using to remove my well used 11-25t freewheel. I'm just waiting to receive my freewheel remover, I ordered, and then I'll be able to do some minor wrenching. I'm far like Eddy Merckx and his well known equipment fanaticism of stripping his entire bike apart just to find out how many parts it consists of. One thing's for sure, I will have the opportunity to change to the new 13-39t freewheel I plan to buy. My goal this upcoming riding season is to conquer a few uphill/mountain battles.

Eddy the equipment fanatic.

Cycling season starts later this month with the Santos Tour Down Under, meanwhile, here's what some riders (of the past) did when off their bikes...

 The Badger lets loose on a cord of wood.

Luis Ocana relaxes with music. 

On a more serious note, BMC climber Dawin Atapuma was out training in Colombia and attacked by two men who stole his bike cut his wrist and hand when he tried to fight back. The police caught his attackers and he seems to be okay but no word whether his bike was retrieved. Here's hoping, the next time in Colombia, he trains with a group. 

Good beer is always on the minds of cyclists. Here's a beer making relaxation...