My Marinoni Saga: Cranky on the left arm

My new Veloce Ultra Torque crank
replacement courtesy from Campagnolo.
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I never thought my Marinoni would become a saga. Let me start. 

Loyal followers of my blog know in 2010 I decided my 1987 Marinoni was ready for a full restoration (here). Fast forward to February, 2013 I noticed my crank arm (non-drive side) was unusually loose. It's fair to assume this should not happen to my two-year old low mileage Veloce Power Torque crank arm. So, I brought it over to my LBS to have a look. The mechanic was as perplexed as I was as to why it would loosen. The solution; a new crank arm and that was that. 

Almost two years later (last Monday), notably after my New Years Day ride - guess again, the crank arm was loose. I returned back to the LBS where Rob suggested that my finicky crank arm may be under warranty from Campagnolo. 

It turns out my warranty is no more, as the warranty window is open for three years. Rob gave me further unsettling news; Campagnolo had a look at my entire crankset and determined that there may be problems with the initial installation.

Welcome to the new Ultra Torque world. A solid reminder:
bolt joining the two semi-axles together.
photo Cycling Art

But there is a glimmer of good news... Campagnolo is willing to replace it with a new Ultra or Power Torque crankset. I have a expired warranty and Campy is offering me a replacement?  The cycling gods are smiling! But wait, by an act of cruel fate... there is no silver cranks in stock- only black. After careful consideration I decided to go with Campy's generous offer replacement of a new Veloce Ultra Torque Infinite black 53/39 crankset - agreeing with Rob's recommendation that Ultra Torque is the better option versus Power Torque due to proven reliability and ease of maintenance. And if you are in need of serious wrenching services (that you cannot do yourself), January is normally a non-busy time for LBS's, more time to work with you on your bike needs. That's what I discovered.

Yesterday, it was a typically rainy Vancouver day and I was more than happy testing my new solid cranks. Of course, time will tell how reliable the new Ultra Torque cranks will perform. For now, I'm glad my saga is over. Hearty Thanks go to Rob of La Bicicletta Pro Shop and Campagnolo for the excellent service.