Friday File: Canadian Bronze: Womens Team Pursuit, Heroic Tuscan Classic & Marinoni Returns.

photo Dean Mouhtaropoulos.

February is everything but dreary. The UCI Track Cycling World Championships are on at National Velodrome in Paris. Great news for our Canadian Womens Team Pursuit bronze medal won by: Jasmin Glaesser, Stephanie Roorda, Kirsty Lay and Alison Beveridge!

You can catch all the action here.

My favorite Tuscan race is the Strade Bianche... March 7th! As cycling goes there's nothing more cool than a race on the ancient Tuscan narrow steep roads. Ten sections of bone shattering gravel roads of sterrati (white gravel roads) is epic. Only eight editions have past and it's already one of the most sought after wins among Classics riders.

Enjoy the stunning scenery and heroic racing...

If you missed the premiere showing of Marinoni: The Fire In The Frame, it will return in March...

Don't miss this fine film.


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