How wide are your tyres?

A lot of what the pros use trickle down to us the consumer... such as tyres.

GCN goes to Dubai and asks, "How wide are your tyres?" An ever growing portion of the peloton has gone for the wider tyres. I too, have made the switch from 23s to 25s. My verdict: I like the wider stance and feel more secure on the corners. On yesterday's ride I was more than glad and secure riding my 25s in the rain. Tyres are a very personalized item on the bike, whether it's air pressure, tread pattern, casing TPI or width. I'm still playing around with air pressure and actually have fun with it. Yesterday's ride was - front: 90psi and rear: 100psi. My gauge is 5-10psi according to conditions.

Back in my old racing days, I was of the same mindset that narrow equals lighter, less rolling resistance - better performance. Not so. Recent technical advances have blown that concept out of the water. Wider tyres roll faster, more resilient, comfortable, and aerodynamic when paired with the right rim. If you ever wanted to give wider tyres a go... try it - you might just like it.


Unknown said…
Swapped to 25's yesterday after reading another article and was surprised with the difference. More grip and control meant more confidence and the lower pressure meant more comfort. Recommended
Ak said…
I just upped to 25mm tyres too. I really like them. Softer ride, roll better and I think corner and descend better ( had a stack I'm getting confidence back). Mine only just fit though. About 1mm gap. Perhaps too close? time will tell.
Richard said…
Ian & AK

Well done both , I used to be a skeptic no longer