Red Dots Cycling: The Heroic Cycling Cap Collection

Orange and Aqua
photo Red Dots Cycling

Chapeau to the Italian classic race L'Eroica for celebrating and upholding the Heroic era of cycling. It is that particular period when riders wore woolen jerseys on vintage steel bikes riding in leather shoes on miles of un-paved roads with short brimmed caps. I'm a ongoing disciple, holding dearly to the vintage steel bike norm as one to have yet to cross over to the aluminum/carbon bike side. As I peer ever so closely into that rich cycling world, it's more than attractive riding on scenic Tuscan roads and resting when tired and enjoying earthly pleasures of brandy, stew, figs and salami. I may be getting ahead of myself but there always is a jovial correlation between cycling and food/drink. 

Red Dots Cycling has embraced the Heroic Era and introduces the new Heroic Cycling Cap Collection. A series of three cycling caps with emphasis on two-tone colors depicting the richness, color and vibrancy of the Heroic Era! 

Available here.

Black and Grey
photo Red Dots Cycling

Blue and Red
photo Red Dots Cycling

Fausto Coppi exemplify the Heroic Era,
style and substance winning the 1948 Tour of Lombardy.


Beautiful. Perhaps we should have you make a CycleItalia cap? White with the classic tricolore stripe and our logo? Our clients could order theirs directly from you? We currently offer a jersey through the nice folks at Soigneur, so why not another artisanal product made by people who have passion? PS-we'll be at L'Eroica Primavera in May.