Friday File: Legend: Tro Bro Leon giving it's due credit, Stop in a Belgian gas station, La Doyenne, Basque Cycling & Shred the monster

Love the artwork, love this race...
My favorite poster design of defending champion Adrien Petit, 
drawn by Jean-Paul Mellouet, a graphic designer, who organized all 31 editions since creating the race in 1984.

Jeremy Roy cam.

Friday File opens with the cobbled, off road rural tracks of the 200km French race, Tro Bro Leon. I didn't know much of this race until I did some research. This crazy, zany race - well, the best placed Breton rider wins a prized piglet. How cool is that? Held in Finistere and dubbed, 'Breton Paris-Roubaix or the 'Hell of the West.' This race is a test on the rural farmlands of the far west of France. It was held April 19th and won by Alex Geniez (FDJ) and note that second placed Benoit Jarrier was the best placed Breton and won the piglet. Sorry no image of the winner and piglet. I've also included the exciting 2012 edition - the amazing victory by Spidertech's Ryan Roth and teammate, Guillaume Boivin (3rd)... a Canadian moment for sure!

This race doesn't get the notoriety like the other big races 
so I'm placing this race amongst my favorites.

Sunday LBL; La Doyenne visits...

My prediction:
1. Dan Martin
2. Purito Rodriguez
3. Rui Costa

You'll never know who you'll see at a Belgian service station...

The rich history and future of bike racing in the Basque Country...

Having a bad day? Hop on your bike and shed the monster...