Richie Porte: Giro Camping & Campagnolo Revolution

A winning move?

This maybe a new trend. Sky leader, Richie Porte is sleeping in his own motorhome...

“It’s the next step from using our own mattresses every night, which we were already doing,” 
“We got the idea from Moto GP drivers. The benefit is the familiarity. They studied the impact of different hotels every day for three weeks in a Grand Tour, which showed to be stressful. This lessens the stress. It’s a continuation of marginal gains approach.”
“He’s not sleeping out there because he snores! None of that. The other night he was sleeping by the road side in the parking lot. We asked if he’d be OK, he said ‘yes.’ Tonight he’s under a bell tower!”

- Sky spokesperson.

Nothing like your on mattress and pillow.

I've been happily using Campagnolo since 1987 starting with the iconic Nuovo Record groupset and now currently riding with the 10 speed Veloce groupset. Here's an excellent video.

The latest video from Vicenza seeks to illustrate this “evolution of a revolution” and highlight the long ride that was necessary to put forth the next level of 11 speed transmissions:  #11evolved. There was no quick release before Tullio Campagnolo and there was no 9, 10 or 11 speed transmission before Campagnolo introduced them. The mechanical transmission has been the centerpiece of Campagnolo’s innovation during its long and prestigious history and with each improvement it has evolved to take on performance characteristics that were previously unthinkable. Step by step the Campagnolo groupset inches closer to the ultimate goal of mechanical shifting perfection. The revolution of the mechanical drivetrain has taken one more huge leap towards this most ambitious goal with the latest Chorus, Record and Super Record groupsets launched this year.

- Campagnolo