I knew I had to go through the pain

The Fab Five is down by one, Tejay Van Garderen abandoned on today's first day in the Alps. A real shame that we won't see him compete for a podium finish... he'll be back next year. The situation changes in the Alps as Quintana finally attacks on the first Cat 3 then again on the final ramps to Pra Loup and made it hard everyone else. I like how Movistar isolates and puts some pressure on Froome. Valverde is third now and the Movistar duo surely will have a one-two advantage to try to bring down Froome. Meanwhile, Froome is too strong (for now) and neutralized any attacks. Three stages to go for Quintana and his Movistars.

'We still have three hard days to try something.'

- Alejandro Valverde 

'First stage victory for our team. I thought I give it a try on the climb. I had cramps on the last climb and knew I had to go through the pain. Fifth stage for German riders.'

- Simon Geschke

Top three stage 17: 1. S. Geschke 4h 12' 17" 2. A. Talansky 32s 3. Uran 1'01"

A Simon Geschke day...

I'm not giving up on Nairo!

Another tough day for all the riders especially to...

Sit back and enjoy the cinematography and Buffalo Springfield...