Friday File: Vive la France!

Top 3 Men U23 Road Race:

1- Kevin Ledanois (FRA)
2. Simone Consonni (ITA)
3. Anthony Turgis (FRA)
9. Adam DeVos (CAN)

"When I saw it began to rain, I thought it was my chance."

- Kevin Ledanois

The French were not the usual eternal plucky contenders but valid champions...

 On the last lap of the U23 Men road race, it was fast, furious and slippery on Libby Hill as Kevin Ledanois (son of former pro Yvon Ledanois, now DS of BMC) charged ahead to ultimate victory. It wasn't for certain until the last few meters as the Frenchman started to run out of gas ahead of a late sprint from Simone Consonni...

photo: Kevin Ledanois