Friday File: Valkenburg CX, Idaho stop may mean go, L'Eroica's heroes

Road season is over, time for Cyclo-cross!

As a new fan of CX I plan to watch Sunday's UCI World Cup Cross in Valkenburg. Actually I have always envied and admired CX riders. Adventurous, brave and incredible athletes that know suffering and love a good old muck and roll. Last Sunday, I witnessed my first CX race at Queens Park and after that enjoyable experience, I now have a new fond interest for CX. Nothing like watching it up close and live...

Queens Park CX, New Westminster
photo Cycling Art

Cyclo-cross has it's heroes:
Erik De Vlaeminck championing the course in 1969.

The very exciting 2015 World Cyclo-cross championship race, Tabor Czech Republic...

Many cyclists have done it. I have. Treating a stop sign as a yield obliging them to slow down or stop for people crossing in front of them. Of course, if there are no people crossing, law abiding cyclists can merely slow down and continue without making a full stop. It's a 30 year old law in Idaho and now Montreal and San Francisco are considering adopting similar rules. More cities look to make life easier for cyclists and for most drivers are disgruntled that cyclists will have an unfair advantage. There is aminosity between driver and cyclist, and confusion. Drivers are expecting cyclists to obey to the rules of the road like a motor vehicle. The roadways were designed for motor vehicles to begin with and now bikes and motor vehicles have to learn to share the road. It works in Idaho it would work here and elsewhere too. It's time for the Idaho rolling stop to roll on.

Classic Cool:

The legendary L'Eroica conjures up romantic imagery of Chianti vineyards, riding vintage bikes in Tuscany, and maybe (trying) to grow a mustache. What's it like to ride L'Eroica?

via RoadCyclingUK

Enjoy this heroic report from Tom Owen on the strade bianche... minus the mustache.