Project Custom Bike Stand: Final Painting

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Bikes stand update:

It's been four years since I acquire my custom bike stand from my old buddy, Jim for favors rendered. With the help from the talented, Carolle, we painted the bike stand in our make shift portable paint booth. We used some old form core and chloroplast sheets and concocted a pretty cool booth. Placed the stand inside and used semi-matt black spray paint for metal. The paint is from my old friend, Duane. We masked off the small area we didn't want any paint on with plastic wrap and masking tape. Blocked the holes with more plastic cling wrap and placed it in our booth for painting. Had enough paint for two coats, which is sufficient for this job. The result is fantastic (above). Here's the photo series of a fun project with a beautiful ending.

Heartfelt thanks to... Jim and Carolle!

looking raw back in 2012...

The set-up...