Gunning for Montreal; Romain Bardet & Hugo Houle

Gunning for Montreal.

Romain Bardet, second in the Tour de France, has an objective to win in Montreal. He finished in the top ten in the last two editions. The Quebec route least suits his qualities of a pure climber, but Montreal is different...

"I really hope. It's a race that I begin to know well. In the last round, we realize that there is a small group that happens to come off. I put it. In Montreal, there is real something to explore and a great classic that I hope to win."

In 2015, he finished in seventh ...

"We really had a great race in difficult conditions. This really is an elimination race, one of the most beautiful that I have attended. The strongest emerged at the end. Each year, Montreal is a race that motivates me."

It's up to Bardet on Sunday.

'The Brilliance of Champions.'

Hugo Houle will be there in support for Romain Bardet...