Tuft keeps on climbing...

Svein Tuft keeps on climbing...

I'm thrilled that Svein Tuft, a spritely 41 years, has not retired - rather has signed for Rally Cycling.

“The chance to ride for a North American team with a bunch of Canadians came along in Rally Cycling and I couldn’t refuse. Sharing all that I have learned is what motivates me these days and I couldn’t imagine a better team to do that with. One of the aspects I’ve really enjoyed on my current team Michelton-Scott has been sharing my years of experience with the younger fellas. The chance to do that with my fellow North Americans making that jump to Europe was very appealing to me.”

“Michelton-Scott has been my family for seven years. I’ve been part of the evolution of a team that was focusing on one-day races and stages and is now winning grand tours. It has been an amazing journey with them and I thank everyone for the incredible support and experience of my time there.”

“My role with Rally Cycling will really be about support. I’ve done pretty much every WorldTour race on the calendar and understand the difficulties of transitioning from North America to Europe. The biggest difference is not in physical ability but it’s in all the other details of European racing. Distance, pace, technical ability, reading the race, lifestyle and time are really the main factors. So, my goal will be to share as much of my knowledge that I can and then within the race help them through positioning and navigating the European peloton.”

“We have a lot of talented young riders on our team who are capable of making the transition to Europe and it’s important that we have a veteran rider with lots of European experience to mentor those guys. For three years Danny Pate filled that role but with Pate retiring and our European schedule expanding, it was more important than ever that we fill that position. Svein was the perfect fit for us. He knows all the races, is well respected in the European peloton, can operate as a road captain, and sets a great example off the bike.” 
- Jonas Carney, Performance Manager