A Nairo victory & going for broke

Quintana of old: riding back into contention?
via: Bettini photo

via: EF Education Pro Cycling

"It was cool finishing in the top 10 and getting lots of love from back home, but I'm going for broke. I'd rather try to win, fail and come seventh than come second or third on a stage."
-Mike Woods

"Woods. A man. A myth. A legend. Made from pure iron. Not wood."

"Rigo getting very strong at high altitude and in the last week. His earlier broken collarbone may have hurt his sharpness initially, but for the next few days, his relative freshness will be a weapon."
-Jonathan Vaughters

via: Russ Ellis

"Full gas in the climbs and downhills all day (some times too much)."
-Guillaume Martin. Team Wants Gobert. 20th place. 13th on GC

Flying high today.

More mountains to come...

Lucho Herrera. 1988 Morzine-Alp d'Huez