Milano Torino


"I always like it when you're in those moments, when you know that some of the best riders in the world are around you. There's only five or ten guys there, the peloton is so hectic prior to those finales and then all of a sudden there's just this quiet and you know you're on TV, and you know that a lot of people are watching. It's always a special feeling, especially when you're on a good day."
- Mike Woods. Winner of the 100th edition of Milano-Torino

"Mike is a born winner. It's just part of him, but it hasn't been easy for him to find a way to win in cycling. He's worked so hard to overcome his relatively late start in cycling and learn the art of maneuvering in the peloton. So today is a reward for all his pain and effort. I'm so happy for him."
-Jonathan Vaughters

Il Lombardia, race of the falling leaves, is Saturday...