Giro Staged 18: Forza!


"I played my cards right in the final, it was an opportunity of those that come around few times in life and I took it."

-Filippo Zana is the first reigning Italian champion to win an uphill finish at the Giro since 2016: Vincenzo Nibali in

Frigo and Gee: A step closer

"I felt great on the first climb, so we went for it. Then I got to the top and thought 'oh... there is still a long way to go. Marco and I were both pretty cooked coming into the final climb, so we just decided to sit on and try to follow. Maybe I went a little too deep trying to go with Zane and Pinot but I've already been second three times in this race, so I thought that I might as well try today. At the end, the legs just gave out on me."

-Derek Gee. 4th place

"I gave everything I had on the last climb, riding my own pace. I'm really happy with today's performance and once again, together with Derek, we showed our eagerness to try to get that victory!"

-Marco Frigo. 6th place

Eddy Dunbar moves up to 4th overall

Back in the Maglia Azzura