Han's will have a drink of rrrrosso!

I talked to my friend, Hans, this morning. After reading my post on the Colnago Master X-Light he decided to order one! I should be so jealous, and in a way I was. The Master X-Light is like lusting after an exotic, beautiful woman from afar. So close yet so far away. Atleast, I will have a friend that has one and if I ask him nicely, I maybe able to touch it! Like all beautiful, handmade works of rolling art from Italy, it will take around 18 weeks for him to get it. Sounds like alot of time. But, all good things take time. And as he talks I'm slowly salivating. He's hit my Italian nerve, big time. I try to wipe my mouth, but it's too late for that. He'll be getting the X-Light with carbon fork with the Campy Chorus gruppo. And, for the icing on the cake, he's ordered the Saronni Rosso(by the way, folks that's red)! The true classic. And how appropriate!
One thing, Hans ... as soon as you get it, can I ride it?

From "Tour 86". Beppe punishing his rivals at the 1986 Giro on his beloved 'Master.'