Is that Jeannie Longo?

These are my images from the June 13th, 1998 La Coupe du Monde Cycliste Féminine de Montréal road race. It was a world cup race, fought on very wet conditions as I photographed on a huge concrete block near the top of Mount Royal in beautiful Montréal. I didn't have a decent enough camera, so I used my old toy plastic one. Fortunately, there was a hot shoe on where I used my old Braun flash for fill. I was pleasantly surprise with the results. Most of the cyclists here, are unknown to me except for the great Jeannie Longo(although, I'm not sure it's her). I believe she finished in second place.

All photos by yours truly.

Wait a minute, Is that the great Jeannie Longo(white helmet) charging up Mount Royal!