The heroic race for last.

This year's Giro has been quite exciting, especially the race for last.
The coveted maglia rosa  has changed hands once again, going towards the worthy young Italian, Giovanni Visconti(Quick Step).  While most fans are caught up in the race for this jersey,  I'm enjoying the coverage for the last rider. It's symbolize with a white number on a black background. The importance of this title is extremely coveted with the devoted rider remembered forever. 

The current race for the numero nero:

1.  Ermanno Capelli(Saunier Duval),  Italy.
2.  Christopher Sutton(Slipstream Chipotle),  Australia.
 3.  Raivis Belohvosciks(Saunier Duval),  Latvia.
20. Oscar Gatto(Gerolsteiner),  Italy.

And to this special classification, the challenge is really not to abandon but to finish ... honourably.

Stage 3. The numero nero meets the maglia rosa. Italians, Filippo Savini(CSF) shakes with the pink leader, Franco Pellizotti(Liquigas).

Stage 4. Hijinks from the back. Last year's winner; Oscar Gatto(Gerolsteiner) strikes his classic pose of grabbing the current numero nero's; Ermanno Capelli(Saunier Duval). Gatto will find it a challenge to defend his title. He's currently in 20th spot!

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