Marie Helene Premont tackling this rocky incline. Superior technical skills allowed her to take her second win of the season!

With the Tour over for another year. I'm following the Women's World XC racing. 

There's nothing like riding and enjoying the great outdoors. And, when it's out on country mountainous terrain is something else. I'm a roadie and make no bones about it. The enjoyment comes tearing down a hill in an aerodynamic tuck. Even going flat out on a nice long stretch gives a sense of controlled power. I'm in awe over these powerful images from this past Sunday's Elite Women's XC race held in Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec. 

Home town Canadian Marie-Helen Premont(Rocky Mountain) won by breaking away and finishing alone. Something she does amazingly well, at. She basically left her adversaries behind dominating the race. Her compatriot, Catherine Pendrel did the same finishing by herself coming in second place. Premont won on her sheer strength and technical prowess, and being fortunate not to have any  mechanical mishap or crash. Known  for her tenacious riding Premont already leads in the Women's MTB World Cup XC standings and has a very good shot at podium in Beijing. The Canadian women rode well placing six riders in the top twenty. 

With her powerful riding,  the dominating Quebecois will  do well at next week's race in Bromont, Quebec!

Canadian Catherine Pendrel(Luna) looks well amongst the beautiful landscape!