Italian Magazines: 1951 Giro, a fond look back.

Two Contrasting Heroes: Bartali & Coppi. Fuel for their fiery rivalry.
Niceties aside a division exists. Bartali the conservative and Coppi the innovative.
Fausto Coppi experimented with technical & nurtritional improvements. While Bartali exercised his more traditional virtues of Catholicism, his daily litre of red wine & pack of cigarettes.

Here’s a look at more interesting Giro imagery from the Italian sport magazine, ‘Lo Sport, 1951.’ Wonderful images from a fascinating time in cycling's golden age...

Drinking on the job.
OK, it's probably 'water.'

Chaos following a crash.

Time trial.
Four stars; Coppi, Bobet, Koblet & Kubler

Advertisement for one of the sponsor's for this Giro. Simple for today's standards. Hours of work just for the artwork & typesetting!

Top Ten Standings, 1951 Giro d'Italia:

1. Fiorenzo Magni(Ita) 121h 11m 37s
2. Rik Van Steenbergen(Bel) 1m 46s
3. Ferdinand Kubler(Swi) 2m 36s
4. Fausto Coppi(Ita) 4m 04s
5. Giancarlo Astrua(Ita) 4m 07s
6. Hugo Koblet(Swi) 6m 05s
7. Louis Bobet(Fra) 9m 45s
8. Arrigo Padovan(Ita) 14m 41s
9. Vincenzo Rossello(Ita) 14m 49s
10.Gino Bartali(Ita) 21m 12s