The Sixties: cycling hipster style.

Hip 1960's cycling style.
The great Bahamontes with his woolies getting ready for a spin.
Nice knitted wool jersey.
So, that's where the argyle socks started.

The Swinging Sixties was famous for fashion. Introducing a more relaxed, colorful way of dressing that changed the world. Riding this cool weekend the feeling was more towards winter. I began dressing up like the Michelin Man. Can you say layers?

I’m so thankful of the wool skull cap & socks that Carolle hand knitted for me. These simple items are becoming quite a staple in my cycling wardrobe. And to think I rode without a cycling skull cap last winter. I shiver thinking about it!

As I rode this chilly Saturday morning, I couldn’t help but think of the Sixties in relation to cycling fashion and how hip and relaxed it really was!

Roger Rivière: Sixties style. I like the cap!

All from: 'Cycling's Golden Age.'