Smooth Road to Roubaix.

Ah-h, after Hell.
With the six hour punishment just over... some water.
Cancellara's not so smooth road to Roubaix!

After watching the awe-inspiring, 'Road to Roubaix,' I believe this may be the definitive film on the great race. 'A Sunday in Hell' is always and will be my favorite Roubaix film. This contemporary version allows you into the race amongst the actors and behind the spectacle. Interspersed with imagery from the fantastic book, 'Paris Roubaix: A Journey Through Hell' the film moves cleverly along without missing a beat. The dialogue shifts to and fro from the candid observations of the riders, ex-riders & journalists. What impressed me was how all riders are treated as heroes, bordering god-like as they know sacrificing is the key to surviving this unique battle over the pavé. Sacrifice=plenty of pain!

'A Sunday in Hell' provides a longing peek into Roubaix, 'Road' brings you fully into this marvelous cycling event. Aussie, Stuart O'Grady does a bang on ride of his life to win this 2007 edition but the true star is the race, itself.

If you haven't seen this, all I can say, "See it, you WON'T BE disappointed. Come to think of it... I'm going back for a another look!"

Thanks to Hans for lending me this amazing dvd!